Let's face it, we drive and commute to work almost every single day. Pretty common in the Berkshires since other means of transportation can be limited or a bit pricey. Sometimes we all forget that driving is a privilege that we earn in our younger years of learning how to drive.

Every day I cruise down Hodges Cross Road onto Curran Highway to get where I need to go. Now sometimes if I'm Northbound (heading from Adams to North Adams) and need to turn right towards Cumberland Farms and Spectrum, I'll see a whole line of cars waiting to turn. But sometimes, I'll see this maneuver and I'll wonder is it legal or not?

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Pictured above is a sketch of what I witness almost every day. If you drive this road as often as I do, you probably know what I'm talking about. I get it, sometimes it is a royal pain to wait for the light to turn green because the driver in front of you is going straight but you want to turn right. I'm actually guilty myself for making this maneuver.

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 89, Section 4B reads:

Upon all ways the driver of a vehicle shall drive in the lane nearest the right side of the way when such lane is available for travel, except when overtaking another vehicle or when preparing for a left turn. When the right lane has been constructed or designated for purposes other than ordinary travel, a driver shall drive his vehicle in the lane adjacent to the right lane except when overtaking another vehicle or when preparing for a left or right turn; provided, however, that a driver may drive his vehicle in such right lane if signs have been erected by the department of highways permitting the use of such lane.

As far as we know, there hasn't been any accidents because of how drivers take advantage of the breakdown lane and nor is it even enforced by police.

Do you think it should be enforced or do you think this intersection deserves a dedicated right turning lane? Let us know on our station app. 

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