The 2022 Massachusetts gubernatorial election is just over a month away (November 8th). And while the candidates have been campaigning for the upcoming election, one of the candidates happened to make an appearance in Pittsfield over the past summer to show off a special set of skills. She is a former professional basketball player! And she did it all in HEELS!

It isn't exactly unheard of for former professional athletes to run for office. But in case you weren't aware, the Democratic candidate for governor in the Bay State is Maura Healey. Should she win, not only would she possibly become the first female governor of Massachusetts, she would also become the first openly lesbian governor in U.S. history. While all of that information is widely known, what you may not realize is the fact that she is a former professional athlete!

Healey played professional basketball for two years as starting point guard for a team in Austria, UBBC Wustenrot Salzburg. Prior to that, she had been co-captain on the women's basketball team at Harvard. She graduated from Harvard in 1992. Let's also keep in mind that this was all before the WNBA formed in 1996.

Boston Globe via Getty Images
Boston Globe via Getty Images

This past summer, she came to Pittsfield and took her full to the court where she displayed her full arsenal of pro skills. And she did it all while wearing heels. Check out the video below.


Healey obviously still has skills on the court!

Regardless of what your politics are, it was pretty impressive that she could hold her own on the court while in Pittsfield, in heels no less.

Leading up the the election, Maura Healey is the Attorney General of Massachusetts. Given that we don't know what those election results will be just quite yet, who knew an Attorney General anywhere could be such a baller?

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