We're officially in the fall season and here in Berkshire County, there is no shortage of animal sightings. This past summer we saw a variety of videos shared by people on social media which features wildlife strolling through backyards and properties in the Berkshires. Bears were definitely a common theme that we saw among videos. The bears were doing everything including hunting for food, scratching their backs, roaming around backyards & neighborhoods, even trying to get up close and personal on decks and patios. You know, the typical bear activity that you would expect.

Bobcats were another big hit with Berkshire residents, as several videos and photos have been shared on social media including the animals running, waiting, even bolting to grab dinner.

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Some other videos that have been popping up on social media as of late include moose sightings in Berkshire County. Once again, Sally Naser of CR Wildlife Cams doesn't disappoint as she put together a moose montage of all the different moose sightings she captured overtime here in Berkshire County. The exact location of these videos hasn't been released in order to protect the animals.

Sally pointed out in her post that we are currently in rut season which runs from September thru October. She stated that if you live in New England, please be extra careful when driving, especially at night as more moose are on the move in search of love.

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