You know what they say, it doesn't have to be Halloween for the creeps to lurk in the darkest shadows. As I'm matter of fact, I'm wearing my "Scream" shirt as I write this! 😱

Anyways you know if you're from Massachusetts, there's a lot of creepy things that lurk with some of the darkest history behind it.

The Hoosac Tunnel for example where deadly accidents when construction started in 1861 which killed or seriously injured 195 workers with 135 verified deaths. Survivors love to call the tunnel the "Bloody Pit" as its nickname. Workers died from explosions, falling rock, and accidents involving ladders or scaffolding.

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In 1865, workers ended up going on strike and protested by burning buildings down as fourteen men died or were injured working on the tunnel in 1866. By 1867, the deadliest accident was the explosion in the Central Shaft when workers were digging the tunnel's 1,028-foot (313 m) vertical exhaust shaft when a candle in the hoist building ignited naphtha fumes that had leaked from a "Gasometer" lamp.

The ensuing explosion set the hoist on fire, and it collapsed into the shaft. Four men near the top of the shaft escaped, but 13 men working 538 feet (164 m) below were trapped by falling naphtha and pieces of iron. he pumps were also destroyed, and the shaft began to fill with water.

A worker named Mallory was lowered into the shaft by a rope the next day; he was overcome by fumes and reported no survivors, and no further rescue attempts were made. Several months later, workers reached the shaft's bottom and found that several victims had survived long enough to fashion a raft before suffocating.

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With the Tunnel's such dark history, let's take a rare 5 mile train ride from the West Portal in North Adams to the East Portal in Florida, Massachusetts.

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