We all have fears, logical or irrational, but what did Massachusetts residents say their number one fear was?

An analytics company by the name of Your Local Security looked into the most searched fears in Massachusetts and while I thought for sure it would be a pandemic, despite the last almost three years, the fear of failure took the top spot. Yup, the fear of failure, bunch of overachievers in Massachusetts I guess.

Massachusetts wasn't the only state that had fear of failure topping its list. Nine other states include Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

I can't help but wonder if there is a correlation between the fact that Massachusetts residents are afraid of failure and the fact that we are the state with more colleges per capita than any other. Since we place a lot of value in education, maybe that somehow correlates with success. Just some food for thought.

Other fears that made the list, but weren't number one? Fear of flying, blood, spiders, intimacy, heights, and even people. In fact, fear of people topped the list in the state of Montana. Makes you wonder, right?

So how exactly does Your Local Security figure this out? According to their website, they input the top 15 terms for fears into Google Trends. Then they review search volume over the past year to determine the most searched phobia in each state.

Does the top fear in Massachusetts match up with your personal list?

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