People typically get upset when the weather forecast ends up being wrong, or maybe even just a little off. But what happens when the weather report is literally wrong with a fictitious city that sounds like a joke an 8-year old would make? It seems that a Massachusetts weather report had a rather stinky typographical error that is now going viral.

With all the crazy weather that Massachusetts has seen throughout the past several days, you would have to think that meteorologists across the state are working extra hard to make sure the local and accurate coverage gets out to the public. Unfortunately, in doing so, you might overlook something small that could end up quite pungent.

While we have been pelted with a couple feet of snow on this side of the Bay State, the southeastern coastal cities and towns have been seeing lots of rain. Let's just hope the rain didn't smell too bad in this particular town.

Thanks to Amy Paulhus for catching the hilariousness in real time with her Facebook post that reads, "Trying to stay dry in Fartmouth, Ma."

As you can tell, the typographical error in the above report from NBC 10 WJAR was calling the coastal town of Dartmouth, 'Fartmouth'.

Sometimes the jokes just kind of write themselves with this one. According to Mass Live, the post had been shared over 300 times as of earlier today (Wednesday, March 15th).

The Chief Meteorologist at WJAR had the unfortunate task of doing the televised weather report while Meteorologist Anthony Mecari took the blame for the typo.

As crazy busy as meteorologists have been throughout the state lately, it's pretty understandable that something like this could happen. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that it's absolutely hilarious. Mistakes happen, Anthony!

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