I am the first to admit that seafood is NOT my number one choice for lunch or dinner, but there is a fast food establishment where I will make a mandatory stop if I see one of these reasonably priced and I'll dine in style. Plus, the specials and menu items are very affordable and there is one side option that is considered one of my favorites of ALL TIME! There is one problem: Not that many are found in Massachusetts and it's surrounding areas. However, some research indicates yo can get your fix, but some travelling needs to be accomplished in the process.

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The chain we are referring to is none other than Long John Silver's. In my opinion, they serve the BEST Pacific cod, salmon and Wild Alaskan pollack platters with an assortment of delectable sides, including those taste tempting "hush puppies" which accompany each of these dishes. The coleslaw parallels KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and you MUST include french fries with your lunch or dinner and you'll walk away satisfied. The question is: How far do you have to venture in getting your seafood fix.

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In our immediate tri-state listening area, there are two locations where driving distance encompasses anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes one way. The closest long John Silvers is in neighboring Columbia county on route 9 in Hudson, New York. South of the border, the capital city of Hartford, Connecticut is fortunate to serve up these awesome dishes at their sole location on Flatbush Avenue (no, you don't have to go to Brooklyn in my ol' hometown. Fun fact: New York City lacks a LJS in the 5 boroughs)

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Massachusetts residents would have to head east on I-90 as the only location is on the VFW Parkway in Roxbury. FYI--Vermont and Rhode Island have NO Long John Silver's restaurants throughout those states. My suggestion: Hudson or Hartford would work better due to their closer proximities. Prices for family meals also are reasonable in nature, plus they do serve some awesome tacos. It's fast food with a healthy slant. For more details, log on to their web site.

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In closing, are you wondering who has the MOST Long John Silver's locations; The answer is: Indiana as the midwestern state leads the way with 55 statewide. Something to consider for your next road trip. Buon apetit and don't forget those hush puppies on the side. They truly ROCK!

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