Now that Spring is here nothing still feels more comfortable than rocking the PJs on a Friday or Saturday night when staying in.

Now when decide to leave our house to make a run to the grocery store or a trip for that discounted clothing at the department store, we have to decide what we want to wear for shopping. Like am I going out for the day or am I just going and heading straight back home? Let's put it this way, even I admit to leaving my house to run a quick errand in my pajamas.

But the question is, am I breaking the law?

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The simplest way to put it, no it is not illegal to wear pajamas in public here in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. However, they're certain laws to be followed especially if you decide to get behind the wheel in your night clothes. For example, slippers are dangerous since they do what they say as in they "slip" which can cause unintended acceleration of the vehicle. It's also good idea to make sure that the PJ's you are wearing are not too loose ether.

All-in-all, it is considered a freedom of choice if you decide to wear your favorite night clothes in public. Although if it were me, I wouldn't go as far as a couple of ladies did in 2017 by wearing their nightgowns to the grocery store.


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