Massachusetts folks have been experiencing some mild weather lately. I think it's safe to say that we are finally done with snow which is just fine with me. As people have been enjoying outdoor activities, more birdfeeders have been coming out for the season. People have been filling up their birdfeeders and have been hanging them in their front and backyards.

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Massachusetts Bird Enthusiasts Should Be Careful Where They are Hanging Their Birdfeeders as Some Locations Can Be Fatal for Birds

Did you know depending on where you hang your birdfeeder you could be doing more harm than good for our feathered friends? According to the National Audubon Society, at least 150 million birds are killed each year due to window strikes at people's homes. Joanna Eckles, coordinator for Project Birdsafe stated the following:

People take windows for granted; we don’t even think about them. When we see a framed patch of green leaves on the outside of a building, we intuitively understand that it’s an illusion—a pane of glass reflecting a nearby tree—if we notice it at all. Birds cannot make this distinction. If they’re flying straight towards a glass window, they won’t see it.

Where is the Worst Place to Hang Birdfeeders? 

According to the website, the worst place to hang birdfeeders is trees close to houses. This is because it draws birds close to windows while also giving them space to gain the necessary flying speed to hurt themselves.

Where Should Birdfeeders be Relocated? 

The best place to hang birdfeeders according to the site is within three feet of the nearest window so that birds don’t hurt themselves upon liftoff, or place them more than 30 feet away so that feeding birds have plenty of space to clear the house. The same applies to birdbaths. Whether you are hanging birdfeeders in the Berkshires, Boston, Springfield, or anywhere in Massachusetts and beyond, make sure you take into account where you are placing your birdfeeders. You can get more tips on where and where not to hang birdfeeders by going here.

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