George Washington took office which was the same year this general store opened. Being the oldest in America opened it's doors, and to this day is still going strong!

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Google Maps/Canva

The Oldest Store in the Baystate

If you're from the South Coast of Massachusetts, you're probably well familiar with Davoll's General Store. It was established in 1793 and has seen many great family owners throughout the centuries.

Check out the list in order below:

The Howland, Cumming, Allen, Slocum, Tucker, Church, Potter, Sherratt, Davoll, Morrison, Glennon, Arruda & Chouinard, and, now currently, Shattuck families.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Located in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts just outside of New Bedford which was the first section of southern Massachusetts with European settlers. According to Wikipedia, the store started off as not just location to purchase items, but also was a trading station. The store used to be home to a post office up until 2014.

In the recent years, the store was completely overhauled during the Arruda and Chouinard ownership period. The owners conducted an award-winning renovation for the first year and a half of their store ownership period. Today the store offers modern affair such as a variety of produce, keeping its history as a general store. Along with candles, penny candy,(my parents remember that!) honey, fresh produce, eggs, and local red meat.

Keep in mind that the store is open everyday except Monday and closes 2 hours earlier on Sunday. For more details, check out their website by clicking here. If you're into big history like me, then this is the place to visit as I officially add this to my bucket list!

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