The long awaited void of train service west of Worcester to the beautiful Berkshires has finally become reality as Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker teamed up with Bay State Congressman Richard Neal to launch this all-important connection, but the problem is no target date has been set to get this going. The city of Pittsfield will become a primary beneficiary of this new venture as progress to implement Amtrak rail service have been given the green light.

In a recent interview with 22 News (WWLP) Congressman Neal reiterated this is well on it's way to become reality:

"I thought today that it's fair to point out that this was a historic meeting. The Governor has made a full commitment to East-West Rail. The conversation has gone on for a long period of time"

OK, we get it, but again the question is: "When will we start seeing trains pulling in to Pittsfield? Inquiring minds including myself would like to know" as talks have been ongoing since last August. Here is a clip of a recent 22 news report filed by Nick Aresco as he breaks down the specifics of this all-important Bay State economic venture:

Congressman Neal also brought up the possibility of a new rail depot in Palmer which would also serve Pioneer Valley residents looking to ride the rails. The project is STILL in negotiations in providing state funding, but politicians are in agreement in Boston this will come to fruition. Again, these are all speculative ideas that have NOT yet been implemented as western Massachusetts residents are looking for an alternate means of transportation to alleviate congestion on I-90 and would also offer more options than bus service which is very limited in nature.

Amtrak service from Pittsfield to South Station, Logan Airport and Boston. We can only hope this option becomes reality real soon as many residents in our listening area are looking forward to the prospect of riding the rails throughout the Bay State. We'll keep you posted on the latest developments.

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