You and millions of people no doubt have made at least one New Year's resolution.

According to an article in the Berkshire Eagle  by Chrissy Garner, LDN, who is a nutritionist at CHP Neighborhood Health Center in Pittsfield, among some of the most popular ones: eat less, move more, cut back on sweets, quit smoking, volunteer, and spend more time with family.

Few, if any, of these resolutions (especially those that are health-based), are actually kept.

But consider these simple resolutions for 2019:

* Eat more fat. That's right — more fat, but the right kind.

* Avoid soda, even diet soda.

* Include Meatless Monday, and add more nuts, beans, seeds, tofu to your diet.

* Pack your lunch every day— or as often as you can. Always include lean protein, a healthy whole grain, a fruit and at least two vegetables.

* Sleep more. Adults should sleep eight to nine hours per night to stay healthy.

* Strength train. Muscle mass naturally diminishes with age, so work out to stay strong

Good Luck.




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