You know what they say, "A dollar and a dream", right? Or hey, if you can afford it, "Twenty dollars and twenty dreams"!

Whether you buy 1 or 20 tickets for yourself or your family, or you purchase 50 tickets with your co-workers, you will definitely be in the majority when you buy your Mega Millions ticket either today or tomorrow.

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Tomorrow night's Mega Millions stands as the third-largest in that lottery's history. Have you heard? I'm sure you have by now. $1.02 BILLION! Pocket change, right? Nothing to get too excited over, by any means.

Boy, the mind wanders..."Just what would I do if I won all that money?" What would the lump sum even be after taxes? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 725 million? That's a pretty nice neighborhood.

Would I do something responsible like build up my 401(k) or pay off those high-interest debts? Put down a massive down payment on that perfect home? I'd like to think that would be me--the responsible guy.

Though something tells me that I would probably be the other me--the wild and crazy guy. Travel the world. Buy everything that I always wanted to buy, but could never afford. The swimming pool filled with liquid chocolate. My own private island that was remote and secluded. The James-Bond-style automobile that, at the push of a button, transforms into a helicopter.

I'm sure with that kind of financial windfall, you could make it last a while as long as you made some smart decisions with it. What I do know is that if I play the Mega Millions and I don't win, well, at least I tried. And like somebody once said, "No matter how bad it gets, I'm always rich when I go to the Dollar Store."

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