Sure, there are different ways you can earn some extra cash in the Berkshires. There are lots of side hustles out there and plenty of people on social media platforms telling you how you can make some quick money.  You can sell stuff on eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.  Dropshipping is getting a lot of play on Tik Tok.  You could drive for Lyft or Uber, or maybe do some dog walking on the side.  All legitimate ways of making some extra cash during these times of inflated grocery and gasoline prices.

Then there’s the human body part hustle.  The selling of your own body parts.  Right upfront, it is illegal to sell off your major organs for cash, nor would you live very long without your heart, kidney, lungs, and brain.  Donations of most of these organs are allowed and very much encouraged once you are no longer of this earth.

The body parts that you can sell according to the FindLaw website include Plasma, Sperm, Eggs, Hair, and the use of your body for clinical trials. FindLaw states that multiple donations can pay between two to three hundred dollars a month.  The process of collecting plasma is different than collecting blood.  According to WebMD blood is drawn into a collection bag and parts of the blood are later separated, where a special machine is used that separates parts of your blood during the process of drawing plasma.

close up blood bag in laboratory medical concept.

Men donating sperm can bank around $100 at a sperm bank for each deposit according to the FindLaw site.   A woman can make around $8,000 for donating eggs according to the site.

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Hair is often donated for the purpose of making wigs for children and adults suffering from cancer.  Locks of Love is one of many great organizations that will gladly accept your donation if your locks meet the necessary requirements.  You could also sell your hair but growing and cutting your hair is so noninvasive I would encourage you to do the right thing and contact an organization like Locks of Love.

Woman wig

Clinical trials are quite common and help in the discovery of cures across the medical health spectrum.  The money you can earn from being a human guinea pig will vary.  Of course, it does come with a great deal of risk. The unknown factor is exactly why these trials exist and have been an important part of medical cure advancement.  The government actually has a website dedicated to clinical trials.  Click on this link for more information.


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