Berkshire Roots in collaborations with Yellow Labs Inc have announced the newest THC product to hit the market for Massachusetts consumers, a THC Mist sublingual mouth spray.

In a press release, the company which has locations in both Boston and Pittsfield, Massachusetts, says the THC Mist is a fast-onset oral spray powered by delivri™, a new high-performance micro dose technology that delivers cannabinoids through the lining of the mouth directly into the bloodstream at a high level of absorption.

Yellow Labs THC Mist is an exciting new way for people in MA to benefit from cannabis in a controlled, micro-dose product. We have seen really great product interest in Ohio and already in MA.  We are thrilled to help founder Ander Wensberg expand his ability to bring this new delivery system to people – patients and consumers - throughout the Commonwealth.

James Winokur, Berkshire Roots’ CEO.

The breakthrough spray is billed as a "a more body-friendly alternative or complement to a smoke or vape experience. The fast onset of the spray is similar to smoke or vape yet is super discrete and has a great duration of effect similar to gummies. With a variety of refreshing flavors, people experience both a great taste and fast onset without any calories. Manufacturer Yellow Labs says one spray delivers a precise 3 MG dose of THC.

The first several varieties Berkshire Roots will produce are “Relax”, “Energy”, “Focus” and “Recover” with additional varieties and flavors to be introduced over time.

 Products are now available for purchase at Berkshire Roots’ stores in Pittsfield, MA, and East Boston, MA and will be available across the state at partner retailers soon.

Yellow Labs THC creams and mouth sprays will redefine the performance expectations for cannabis-infused edibles, topicals, and tinctures. We intend to compete as an alternative to smoking or vaping and to become a top brand in pain and anxiety relief. Exclusive R&D with the breakthrough technology, delivri™, a patent-pending delivery system emulsion that, when infused with cannabis distillate oil, causes high absorption of cannabinoids through the skin.

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