'Seinfeld' will go down in history as one of the benchmark sitcoms of all-time, especially during its run of nine season from 1989 through 1989. The show approached certain subject and plotlines that had never been used before in any sitcom, which would often land reviews from the audience such as 'groundbreaking comedy'. Despite a central setting that was often focused on a few main focal backdrops, the show didn't shy away from going off to different locations for settings. Given its central setting in relatively nearby New York City, did it ever come up to the Berkshires and use it for a backdrop?

One fan on social media happened to think that one of the iconic episodes used the region as a backdrop recently. It made me, even as a die hard fan, have to go back and look to see if the Berkshires ever were used. Check out the post:

If you know, you know. The particular episode in question was when the woman playing Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriend accidentally walked in on George Costanza, as he was not wearing anything else. As she stood there and apologized, she starts laughing, which made for an iconic scene throughout the series. Check it out below:

However, unfortunately, the show in question was not in the Berkshires. Instead, it was said to be in the Hamptons in New York. The episode is actually called 'The Hamptons'. And as it turns out, the Berkshires never were used as a backdrop for any 'Seinfeld' episodes.

Of course, if you want to get technical about all of it, New York was never actually the 'real' backdrop for the show, as it was actually filmed on a set in Los Angeles, CA, while it all is said to take place in New York City.

Even so, if you've never watched 'Seinfeld', I highly recommend it, as it is arguably one of the funniest sitcoms of all-time. The full series is currently airing on Netflix.

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