Massachusetts is famous for having all kinds of laws and many weird laws to boot. I mean really, why would it be illegal in Massachusetts to wear a goatee out in public? Apparently, it is unless you obtain and pay for a license. Yeah, that's not happening. Luckily this law as with many of Massachusetts' weird and wild laws isn't enforced.

Massachusetts Puts The Thumb Down on Gorilla Transportation...LOL

How about the fact that you can't have gorillas in the backseat of your car? This makes a bit more sense. The title of the law just needs to be clearer. The real law is actually logical which you can read about by going here.

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Massachusetts Wants You to be Mindful in the Bedroom 

Now there are two weird Massachusetts laws (according to various website sources) that have to deal with specific laws in the bedroom. One of those laws is the snoring with the windows open law which we have discussed in the past. You can read about that particular law by going here.

We'll Keep This Next Weird Massachusetts Law as PG as Possible

Now for the other bedroom law which I will try to keep as squeaky clean as possible. If you and your female significant other decide to get frisky, you may want to proceed with caution in terms of positions. This is because there is another strange Massachusetts law (or perhaps an urban legend) where it is illegal to have a woman on top when getting romantic. Yeah, this is odd and the only thing that would remotely make sense for this is injury but there are plenty of other ways you can get injured and we don't need to get into specifics. Luckily this is another one where the law isn't enforced thank goodness. Can you imagine if it was? There would be a lot of pregnant couples behind If you plan on having fun tonight, proceed with caution.

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