Ever since she arrived in the southern Berkshires over a dozen years ago, we are so fortunate to have someone like Leigh Davis on our side as I can describe her as a "trailblazer" who has made massive contributions in our backyard. For starters, she is an active member of Great Barrington's Select Board and her involvement in Construct Incorporated has flourished in a new position to better serve her community.

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The not for profit organization has appointed Davis to the role of Communications and Community Engagement Director as her previous role of Development Director has created real change to broaden advocacy for those who rely on affordable housing as these tough times are making it hard for those impacted to make ends meet.

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This new position is the first for Construct as she will build on the momentum from  previous years as this is a step to "the next level" as her goal is to advance her skills and experience as this nee post is destined to make meaningful contributions to the community.

Executive Director Jane Ralph is excited and proud to have someone like Leigh Davis on her staff:.

"The change makes sense and will make us a stronger and more cohesive organization. As a result of the need, as well as a housing vision for The Berkshires and subsequent coalition development, as well as the increased need, it's important that Southern Berkshire voices are heard. Thanks to Leigh and our staff for their flexibility and willingness to jump in and make changes to better serve our community".

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Davis was instrumental in the acquisition of The Windflower Inn located at the Great Barrington-South Egremont border as rooms are filling up just in time for the upcoming spring and summer season as this option increases Construct's media presence as the project has been a true asset in our backyard.

Jesse Stewart
Jesse Stewart

She is also a key member of Great Barrington's Select Board as her contributions garner immediate results in serving the needs of residents in the vicinity. Other experience includes heavy activity in volunteering for various organizations with added skills in marketing and journalism. Davis was instrumental in the realm of film and television across the pond in Ireland and out west in Los Angeles, California which led to a position in public relations for The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington. She also worked for The Berkshire Eagle and Eagle Mill Redevelopment.

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BOTTOM LINE: To sum it up, Leigh Davis is a true asset in our beautiful Berkshires and we are SO lucky to have her in our corner.

(Photo credit of Windflower Inn sign courtesy of Sheela Clary and The Berkshire Edge)

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