CONGRATULATIONS to Leigh Davis who was recently appointed on The 1 Berkshire Board of Directors. In a recent interview, she reiterated the organization's President and CEO, Jonathan Butler contacted her with this surprising piece of news back in November as the actual appointment came into fruition. Her experience and knowledge of municipal non-profit standpoints also contributed to her being appointed this exciting and challenging position.

Leigh's passion excels in high fashion as she wears many hats in her daily life: She is also the Development Director for Construct, Incorporated and serves on the board for St. James Place in Great Barrington and is also involved with The Berkshire Leadership Impact Council (also known as BLIC). Her number one focus to better our Berkshire county communities each and every day.

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Leigh's mission at 1 Berkshire include excessive support of regional tourism and economic development as she trades ideas with 32 fellow Directors and a full-fledged staff consisting of about 800 members as their daily mission focuses on the advancements and developments of better living throughout the beautiful Berkshires.

BLIC is a think-tank organization that pulls together leaders from various sectors to share ideas and information as they discuss topics of interest including tourism, housing, transportation and agriculture just to name a few. The goal is also to align advocacy efforts to connect leadership throughout the region. Leigh also announced that a new web site will be constructed in April as various surveys have been sent to local residents in February. The goal of BLIC is this organization will serve as a progressive, living document that will follow daily trends to benefit Berkshire county. Stand by for more information as we'll post the new link in the coming months.

For more details and how you can become a member of this community based organization, log on to 1 Berkshire's web site by going here.

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