This Thursday, January 17, the former Berkshire Health Systems medical building on Budd Dougherty Drive will be moved from its current location to a new foundation on the Harriman & West Airport property. This morning the North Adams mayor's office issued a notice saying the timetable for the move has been changed just a bit.

Originally scheduled to begin around 8 A.M., the 150 yard move is now scheduled to begin at approximately 9:00, with the building being lowered onto the new foundation at 11 A.M. National Grid will shut down power to some tenants on the airport grounds, but the airport will remain open while the move is underway.

Once moved, the announcement noted, the 6,800 square foot building shell will be renovated to include office and classroom space, public restrooms, and a food service operation. Jeffrey Naughton, chair of the North Adams airport commission is quoted as saying, “With a restaurant coming into the building, airport businesses, pilots, visitors, and local residents can look forward to enjoying dinner while looking out over the runway at the spectacular views of Mounts Prospect and Williams.”

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