Recently, we wrote about the lack of television sportscasters on local news broadcasts as TV stations in the capital region of New York and Springfield area have a void to fill. There are no presenters of recapping the day in sports. Western Mass news has no staff in this department, period and recently in neighboring Schenectady, WRGB (CBS 6) is farming sports talent from sister stations in Rochester and Syracuse, New York and there are times my dear friend Liz Bishop and her co-anchor, J.T. Fetch double up as they add sports to their daily docket during the 11 o'clock news.

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Now the competing station on Northern Boulevard in Albany is losing their long time Sports Director, Liana Bonavita as she will forgo covering local and national athletics to embark on a new position as a financial representative for Northwest Mutual, which has offices based in the area. To learn more about her new position, log on to their web site for further details. She also is leaving WTEN to spend more time with her family as the constant changes in TV news have left a void in her personal life.

As we prepare to send a fond farewell to Liana. Let me reiterate this young lady had an energetic passion to deliver stories regarding local sports west of us for the past decade. I can add to the fact that she personally became a well respected friend and peer and watching her work was such a joy by presenting every detail on the stories that were presented to her viewers. Most important, Liana is a kind person who appreciated the accolades from her fellow broadcasters and the people she spotlighted on her evening sportscasts.

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Weekend sports anchors Griffin Haas and Jared Phillips are both waiting in the wings to see if they will succeed Liana or will channel 10 look outside the area for her replacement? As Asia used to say "Only Time Will Tell". We'll keep you posted once the all-important announcement is made. Until then, let's enjoy her final weeks on the air as we send Liana a fond farewell and best of luck in your upcoming new adventure. Well deserved, my friend!

Check out her final broadcast this Friday evening (June 17th) Log on to News 10's LIVE stream by going here.

(Photo of Liana Bonavita courtesy of her Linked In social network page)

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