The Berkshires truly miss Tim Drawbridge as his accurate forecasts were a main reason they tuned in to News 10 (WTEN-TV) He spent years as Steve Caporizzo's tag team partner as their talent and expertise got us through some tough times as they interrupted regular programming to bring their audience weather bulletins that were severe in nature  and their valuable information showed us a TRUE dose of professionalism in local TV news.

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I am SO PROUD to call Cap and Tim two of my nearest and dearest friends in this business. To sum up their work: Unbeatable, but one half of this all-important meteorological puzzle is sorely missed, but I am happy to say Tim has moved on to a new adventure which he is thoroughly enjoying as we speak.


A few months ago, Tim left the realm of TV news as he embarked on a journey as Communications Director for the City of Glens Falls. His experience in developing skills in public relations and working with non-profit organizations is a TRUE asset at City Hall in one of the north country's largest cities. Tim has been instrumental in The Downtown Revitalization Plans and refurbishing an area that has been deemed a gateway to the Adirondacks. To paraphrase in his own words:

"There's a lot happening in Hometown USA. I am looking forward to digging into ALL of the good news and ensuring it is getting out to the community."

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(Photo image courtesy of Giuliana Bruno's Facebook page)

You know what they say in this business: It's in your blood and the passion NEVER goes away. This is why we saw Tim forecasting at his BEST as always this past weekend. He manned the weather desk pinch hitting for Matt Mackie and it was just so GOOD to see him once again on the silver screen. Plus, Tim and weekend anchor, Giuliana Bruno hit a home run as their on-air chemistry resonated well amongst viewers and I can attest to that. One more thing: He does a marvelous job doing play-by-play on the Adirondack Broadcasting Company so look out for him on the radio in Glens Falls.

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You can STILL stay in touch with Tim via social media. Log on to Facebook by going here and you'll be a member of his fan club. He is also on Linked In, Pinterest and Instagram. Plus, he LOVES the Mets. The two of us need to reconnect as we'll share stories with a cup of joe reminiscing about Shea Stadium which is sorely missed to this day. Let's see if his Jets can make it to post-season play this year. Cross your fingers. In the meantime, Tim, Keep on ROCKIN' my brother!

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of The Post Star)

(Photo images of Tim Drawbridge courtesy of Facebook and Linked-In)

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