North Adams Mayor Thomas Bernard has issued a snow emergency from 4 P.M. Saturday, January 19, until 8 A.M. Monday, January 21, 2019. According to the city's announcement, snowfall amounts are predicted to accumulate between 18 to 24 inches and the temperatures will drop into the negative degrees. All residents are urged to NOT park vehicles on city streets and to limit their travel during this time to allow for the removal of snow and the clearing of streets throughout this weather event.A snow emergency, when declared, is intended to inform residents that the storm is of such significance, extra vigilance is necessary to keep cars off the streets to aid snow removal. The mayor reminds all residents and visitors that the overnight parking ban is in effect and will be enforced and that residents and businesses must clear their sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of the storm, per city ordinance.

The Town of Adams Dept. of Public Works has issued a Snow Emergency beginning at 5 P.M. Sat until 5 P.M. Sunday. During this time, no vehicles are allowed to park on the streets. All violators are subject to being towed. Also, the Adams Police Dept. will be enforcing the Town Bylaw that prohibits any person to shovel, plow, push or throw snow out into the streets.


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