We have had previous articles focusing on the different types of porch light colors that have been displayed in the past including blue, green, and yellow. Now there's another color that some Massachusetts residents are choosing to display on their porches and that color is red.

I was recently driving my mother home from Springfield back to the Berkshires as she had an appointment. She recently had knee surgery and she was going for a progress update. When we were back in the Berkshires we drove past a house that had a red light displayed on the porch. I thought to myself you don't see that very often. I automatically assumed it was to recognize and/or celebrate Valentine's Day.

So, What Does it Mean When You See Red Porch Lights on Display in Massachusetts and Throughout the Country?

According to Restore, Decor, and More, Valentine's Day is one reason you would see red porch lights pop up in February but another reason you could see red porch lights on display during this month is that February is American Heart Month which is to spread heart health awareness. Some people may have red porch lights just for fun and may even have them on display year-round.

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What are Some Other Reasons One Would See Red Porch Lights on Display? 

Other meanings behind porch lights could be for Firefighters, Halloween, and believe it or not, prostitution. We'll dig into those reasons in future articles but until then be good to your heart and Happy Valentine's Day.

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