As I mentioned in the past, nostalgia is really kicking in for me. I'll spend time when I'm rocking my daughter to sleep at night thinking about the places I have lived throughout Berkshire County whether it be Pittsfield, Lee, North Adams, or Cheshire, I have fond memories of those various locations in the Berkshires and it takes me back to some fun memories especially those of my childhood days.

When I get the chance I like to visit places where I grew up, especially in the northern Berkshires, and take a trip down memory lane. Some things have changed but yet much of what I knew growing up is still very familiar. Recently, I was visiting my mother in the northern Berkshires and as I left her house to go home, I noticed that one of her neighbors had their porch light on. What was unique about this porch light is that it was blue. A while back I posted an article about what a green porch light means. If you missed it, you can check it out by going here.

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So, What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean and Why are Some Berkshire Residents Displaying Them? 

Of course I was curious to learn what blue porch light means. According to a few internet sources, one would display a blue porch light during the month of April for the following reasons:

Blue porch lights are also displayed during the month of September but we'll save that discussion for this fall.  So, there you have it. We have cracked the blue porch light code. Are you displaying a blue porch light this month?

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