In previous articles, I discussed my experiences of seeing green porch lights and blue porch lights in Berkshire County and why people would display those colors for their lights. There are reasons why people would choose those colors and the purposes behind them. You can check out the blue porch light article by going here and the green porch light article by going here. Another porch light you May see throughout Massachusetts is a yellow-colored porch light.

Why Would Someone Display a Yellow Colored Porch Light? What Does it Mean?

Many of the different colored porch lights we have previously discussed usually have some type of meaning behind them. They usually are displayed to spread awareness about a cause, celebrate a holiday, pay tribute to our military, something along those lines.

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Yes...But Why Yellow?

In the case of yellow porch lights, it's not really a meaning or cause-type reason. It has more to do with bugs, bugs, and more bugs. As you know throughout spring, summer, and fall, bugs are attracted to porch lights and for many of us, we can't stand it. If you are looking to curb the bug activity around your porch light, you can switch it out with a yellow one and it will reduce the pesky bug activity.

According to Restore, Decor, and More, the reason why bugs are turned off by yellow porch lights is that this type of bulb (known as a "bug bulb") produces a wide spectrum of yellow light and is meant to repel insects by generating the greatest possible amount of light in the visible color range, making them difficult for insects to see.

So, if you are having issues with bugs around your porch light. Give the bug bulb a try. I think I'm going to get one myself this summer.

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