Massachusetts is going to be getting its first taste (in state) of an every so popular Connecticut pizza franchise, as the opening of its first Bay State location is just days away, while a second Massachusetts location is "coming soon".

The popular Connecticut pizza joint announced its plans to expand into Massachusetts on its website this past summer. This traditionally Connecticut-based pizza franchise happens to be Sally's Apizza.

Sally's Apizza has plans to open up Massachusetts locations in Woburn by the end of  2023, and Boston Seaport in 2024. While it is currently unknown when exactly the dates are that either location will be opening up, according to the pizza franchise's social media, the Woburn location will be open this month.

Sally's Apizza was originally founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1938. They have used custom designed ovens in making their unique original recipes and have grown a tremendous following throughout Connecticut. Within CT, they currently have locations in New Haven, Stamford, and two in Fairfield. They are also expanding within their home state to locations in Norwalk, Newington, and Wethersfield in the near future.

As someone not originally from the region who has never had Sally's Apizza, I can only be perplexed and intrigued by what looks to be an amazing and also very, very, very large pizza...

No matter who you are, if you like pizza (and who doesn't), it seems like this could be something to be excited about. We could always use more pizza joints in Massachusetts, right? We'll take it!

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