Adams Police are asking for information on the perp responsible for passing counterfeit $20 bills at the Walgreens on Columbia Street earlier this month.  The unknown white male passed a large quantity of 20s in exchange for gift cards.  The bills were not recognized as fake until the loser left the store, at which point the gift cards were deactivated leaving the perp with useless plastic.  Dude make sure you recycle.

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The suspected dreg of society is described as a white male, about 6 feet tall, about 40 years old, and very identifiable tattoos on the back of each hand.  Pictures posted to the Adams Police Department Facebook page are below along with the Facebook post from Adams Police. Contact Adams police if you have any information 413-743-1212.

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Adams Police Department

***Update*** Suspect Identified

Special thanks to NYSP


Subject: Uttering and Forgery

Date of Publish: February 15, 2021

The Adams Police Department is currently investigating an uttering and forgery incident that occurred on February 6, 2021 at around 4:45pm at the Walgreens on Columbia Street.

Patrol officers assigned to the evening shift responded to the Walgreens for what was reported as a masked individual who had passed a large quantity of fake $20.00-dollar bills in order to obtain gift cards. The party was successful in obtaining the gift cards however they were quickly deactivated and no monetary loss was suffered.

The party left on foot prior to police arrival. Review of surveillance footage and interviews with witnesses have provided an initial suspect description;

White Male

Height – About 6’

Weight – About 240 lbs

Age – 40’s

The most descriptive identifiers are the suspects tattoos.

Tattoos –The suspect had tattoos on the back sides of each hand. It appeared that the tattoo on the back of the right hand was of three (3) unclothed women with a male figure shadowed behind them. It also appears the suspect may have a neck tattoo.

Clothing – Black winter hat, black gator used as face mask, dark blue hooded sweatshirt, black sweatpants with “Property of Hartford University” written in white on the left thigh, black and white sneakers with "AIR" written in large red letters outlined by white on the inside and outside of them, red soles, and a white Nike swoosh on the top of the toe box.

Attached are photos from the surveillance footage and we are requesting assistance in an attempt to identify the party.

-Adams Police Department


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