Massachusetts dog owners who have recently been to New York, particularly New York City, should take note that there is a nasty virus going around in dogs. If you have been to the city recently with your dog or if someone from the city with their dog has visited you, you may want to pay extra attention to how your dog is feeling and acting.

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A highly contagious virus known as parvovirus is causing havoc in dogs in the Empire State. According to, the virus can lead to gastrointestinal disease and can be potentially fatal if not treated. The virus is spread through direct contact with infected dogs and through the infected dog's vomit and feces. The virus is carried via hands, food dishes, bedding, and shoes.

What are Some Symptoms of Parvovirus? 

According to the article the virus can spread through direct contact and contaminated surfaces. Some symptoms, including vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue, fever, and abdominal pain, can develop within two to 14 days of infection. If you have a young dog it's particularly important to pay attention as dogs that are younger and unvaccinated are the most susceptible to contracting the virus.

Can The Virus Spread to Other Animals and Humans?

Most pets including cats cannot contract the virus. Neither can humans but can be found in some wild animals which you can read more about by going here. If you think your dog has contracted the parvovirus it's important you get him or her to a veterinarian so the vet can start antibiotic treatment to prevent additional infections. Unfortunately, the virus has to run its course as there is no cure for parvovirus. Learn more about parvovirus by going here.

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