If you recall, the town of Sheffield made history as the first UFO wedding took place in June of 2021 at The Thom Reed UFO Monument Park.

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Arno and Kathy Pinsonnault were married on the spot where an actual paranormal encounter took place back in 1969 as this historic moment attracted worldwide attention. The Springfield, Massachusetts couple are near and dear friends of mine as they embark on adventures that are beyond belief. Here is a synopsis of their recent "ghostly encounters" when they paid a visit to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:

Upon arrival, our fearless duo checked in at The Cashtown Inn

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Before they headed to more haunted surroundings, Kathy palled around with our 16th commander-in-chief, Abraham Lincoln who was responsible for initiating the famous Gettysburg Address during his presidency:

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They also caught an actual re-enactment on the hallowed property as this part of the Keystone State is historic in nature:

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After a little sight seeing, they returned to The Cashtown Inn where some "eerie" happenings occurred:

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With flashlights in hand, Arno noticed a face on the wall at The Inn which also served as an orphanage prior to becoming a bed and breakfast: Take a good look, if you dare!


This used to be a backyard as the area is now an indoor venue where lectures are provided. Going up and down the stairs at the orphanage also proved to be an experience they will never forget:


The haunted orphanage was truly a sight to see on Baltimore Street in downtown Gettysburg. Thermal heated images were taken on-site (see above images) where some "shadowy" faces were visible but you need to carefully view the scene as these pictures were taken at the orphanage's basement. It is reported that youngsters were kept in a barbaric atmosphere as details are too graphic to share. Rosa Carmichael was the notorious innkeeper as she left Gettysburg and her whereabouts were unknown. This is a prime example of why this property has been categorized as "haunted" in nature while you are experiencing a real-life ghost tour!

Meanwhile, back at The Cashtown Inn, Kathy was photographing the rooms when suddenly something cold brushed her arm in the basement. The ghost meter lit up incessantly triggering that an image was in their presence. Click here to experience this encounter: attachment-Paranormal Audio.

I'm sure this was a sleepless night for them. The next day, it was back to seeing the sights in this historic setting:

attachment-Gettysburg Monument
attachment-Kathy & Mr Ed

BOTTOM LINE: Another chapter has concluded in their quest to find spirits, apparitions and strange phenomena. We'll keep you posted on their next adventure!

(Photo images and descriptions of events courtesy of Arno & Kathy Pinsonnault)

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Gallery Credit: Nicole Caldwell & Matt Albasi

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