Massachusetts has several great spots throughout the state to stop in and enjoy a cold one. Even during the Fall, or especially any of the warmer months of the year for that matter, a great spot to enjoy a drink may be out on the patio, out in a courtyard, a balcony or a terrace, or perhaps even up on a rooftop. There a quite a few of those spots in the Bay State as well. However, there is one Massachusetts spot that was selected as one of the top 10 best beer gardens throughout the entire U.S.

'USA Today' revealed their 10 Best: Reader's Choice 2023 for the best beer gardens in the country. One of those spots was selected by 'USA Today's readers as a top beer garden and it looks phenomenal.

Where is the top beer garden in Massachusetts?

For that, we would need to make a trip to Nantucket and then make our way over to Cisco Brewers.

Here's why Cisco Brewers beer garden was picked as one of the top beer gardens in the nation, according to 'USA Today's 10 Best list:

Cisco Brewers stands out as one of the top attractions on an island permeated by perfect beaches for its nearly year-round entertainment, brewery tours, local food truck vendors, and selection of beer on tap. In fact, many travelers will say a trip to the island isn’t complete without dancing to a local band with a signature Grey Lady in hand at this craft brewers’ original location.

As you can tell, the beer garden seems like it's the place to be for holiday weekends and special occasions. Perhaps that is another destination to hit up for a Fall road trip. Either way, it's among the nation's ten best beer gardens, which always make for an awesome time!

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