Sadly no, this is not a file photo. It was taken this morning, May 14, 2019, from North Adams, looking toward the hills to the east. Their white topping stands in stark contrast to the valley's spring greenery.

The persistent showers and low clouds over our valley towns of the Berkshires left a change of scenery behind where temperatures were colder, in the higher elevations mainly over 1500 feet according to weather forecasters.

On Sunday morning, people were telling me of snow coating cars up in Florida & Rowe. Today we also heard reports of the wintry decoration in places like Windsor, Savoy, and Stamford VT. Mt. Greylock, the state's highest peak at nearly 3500 feet, was also looking decidedly un-May like.

It's yet another cloudy and cool day today with highs only in the 40s, with AccuWeather saying we should see at least some sunshine tomorrow, with a gradual warmup into the 70s expected by Sunday.

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