Even though there's a lot of fewer drive-in theaters left the country, many have managed to hang on after all these years. Drive-in's have been on the decline for the past few decades, business did however amp up greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic when seeing an indoor movie was not an option. Some say the reasoning for drive-ins going out of business was the invention of the "VCR." 

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Now that it's Spring and it's almost the unofficial start of Summer, this particular drive-in is still going strong and celebrating over 75 years in business!

Hathaway's Drive-In Facebook Page
Hathaway's Drive-In Facebook Page

Just a short drive from The Berkshires over the border in North Hoosick Falls, New York. My favorite and actually first ever drive-in I've been to has been serving area patrons since 1948! I remember my parents first taking me here back in 2004 when Shrek 2 was a hit at the box office. Crazy how that was 20 years ago!

According to their website, their opening date is set for May 10th with a handful of movies to be announced. Since Hathaway's is a "twin" drive-in theater, that gives patrons more viewing options for what's being shown on a given night.

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They are also always looking for help who is reliable and highly interested in working in a movie theatre business and to apply on their website. Below are directions from the Berkshires on how to get to Hathaway's Twin Drive-In Theater as there is still time left in the season to visit!

From North Adams/Williamstown, Massachusetts

Go north on U.S. 7. Turn left on VT 346 near the old dog track in Pownal. Follow 346 over the border, into New York, turn right on NY Rt. 22. Follow 22 North, for 8 miles, being careful not to wind up on Rt. 7 (which will take you to Bennington). Rt. 22 will take you through the village of Hoosick Falls and into North Hoosick, you'll come to a "T" intersection. Turn right on Rt. 67. The theatre is a 1/4 mile on the right.

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