The 8th annual Walk a Mile In Her Shoes is coming up this Thursday as part of Pittsfield's "Third Thursday" series of events. The march to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence is organized by the Elizabeth Freeman Center and serves as a major fundraiser for the organization through donations and pledges raised by those taking part.

It's open to everyone, but historically men have been especially invited to show up & don a pair of ladies footwear to literally "walk a mile" in the shoes of victims, who are predominantly female. A selection of appropriate footwear, accessories and signs will be available at the event, or you may bring your own. You don't have to march in 4-inch heels; the important thing is to get involved.

A newly formed men's group in North Adams wants to make sure the local community is well represented.  They are "MICinc" or "Men Initiating Change In North County". According to the group's Facebook page, their mission is "to promote meaningful conversations about masculinity and manhood; and to model attitudes, behaviors and perceptions that value women, girls, and marginalized groups." They are looking for others to join them on Thursday's walk or donate to their team, with all proceeds going to the Elizabeth Freeman Center.




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