The City of North Adams says it will be cracking down on junk and unregistered vehicles. Beginning Monday, July 8, the City's Department of Inspection Services will begin ticketing vehicles in accordance with the city’s junk and unregistered motor vehicle ordinances.

Owners will have three days to move or properly store ticketed vehicles before those vehicles are towed. Space has been designated at the City Yard for towed vehicles. Owners wishing to retrieve their towed vehicles will be subject to a storage fee, plus reimbursement of towing costs.

A press release from the City detailed the applicable zoning ordinance:

Unregistered Motor Vehicle: Any motor vehicle required to be registered by law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for operation on public ways not so registered.
Junk Motor Vehicle: Any motor vehicle not capable of being used as such in its existing condition by reason of being damaged or dismantled beyond repair or failing to contain parts necessary for operation.

If that sounds like it applies to something on your property, you've been warned. You may contact Inspection Services at 413-664-6180 with any questions.

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