When you come to Party In the Park in 2019, you will see some new addiitions to Noel Field.

According to iBerkshires.com. North Adams has been approved for $400,000 in state funds for the splash pad and other additions to the park. The new improvements are set to be in place July 2019.

In addition to the splash pad, the improvements to Noel Field will include a double basketball court, along with bocce and pickle ball courts. IBerkshires included in their article that the tennis courts will be removed as part of the renovation because MCLA will allow residents to use their courts. The newest developments will be known as Phase II, as the first phase included adding electrical and water lines to set up the new splash park.

The $400,000 funding will cut the overall project cost more than in half, as the estimate is set in the neighborhood of $778,000.

In 2016, the city received funding to build the new skate park at Noel Field, which officially opened in July 2016. As part of the renovations, a Department of Public Works building will be removed in lieu of additional restrooms.

Noel Field is host to WNAW's Party in the Park, as well as the home of the North Adams Steeplecats baseball team.


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