Volunteers from the City of North Adams and the Town of Williamstown will host a “Solarize Mass Plus” information session Tuesday, June 25, at 7 P.M. at the NORAD Mill on Roberts Drive in North Adams.

Solarize Mass Plus seeks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity and related renewable energy systems by residents and small business owners.

The two communities are awaiting confirmation of selection by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Department of Energy Resources to participate in the program, which will work with local volunteers and a competitively selected solar installation company to make renewable technologies – including solar, solar hot water, and residential electrical battery storage – more affordable by aggregating residents’ investments in these systems.

In a press release Tuesday announcing the info session, North Adams Mayor Tom Bernard said, “The Solarize Mass Plus program reflects the city’s Green Community commitment as well as key goals and strategies of the our Vision 2030 comprehensive plan."

Williamstown Town Manager Jason Hoch added, “The Town is thrilled that the COOL Committee is taking the lead with Solarize Plus to bring a new round of sustainable energy efficiency opportunities to our residents, building on a highly successful program several years ago."

The June 25 information session will provide an overview of the program and the selected technologies, including information on cost, contractor and site selection, and participant guidelines. In the meantime, to find out more you can email SolarizeMassNBerkshires@gmail.com or visit SolarizeMassNB on Facebook

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