Authorities are warning Berkshire County residents about a telephone scam targeting elderly victims. Berkshire District Attorney Paul Caccaviello says several people have fallen victim to the scam in which the caller poses as a relative or the attorney of a relative that has been involved in an accident where someone else has been injured. The caller claims the relative needs bail money, legal fees and medical expenses.

I know of one local man who got a call regarding his grandson's welfare, but he was quick enough to say he had no grandchildren, & hung up. An 82-year-old North Adams woman was not as fortunate. She got a call recently saying that her grandson was in legal trouble. Concerned, she sent three envelopes of cash, totaling more than $23,000, to two addresses in Florida.

The DA said those making the fake calls have been operating out of the state of Florida, but the phone numbers they are using have an area code of 202, which is located in Washington, D.C. Caccaviello is asking anyone who may have received such a call or who may receive a call not to comply with any requests to send money and to contact police.

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