The Smallest City has a big reputation now, it seems over the past few years North Adams has grown into a major tourist hotspot that has been covered in major magazines and television shows the latest being CNN Travel, which call North Adams "The New England town reinvented as a tourist hotspot"

Tourists from all walks of life now take the trip to visit. For folks who have lived and now live in North Adams know it is a wonderful place with many different aspects to it. And it has been through quite a bit through the years. The History of this wonderful town has had its ups and downs and now seems to be on a major upswing.

CNN Travel says:

North Adams is good destination year-round but summer is peak season. Consider instead going in the shoulder season. Visiting in the fall means foliage as stunning as anywhere in New England.
The mix of culture and outdoor recreation draws a sophisticated, creative crowd, especially couples in their 30s and 40s looking to spend a few days out of the city. And with the town buzzing with more creative projects , there's reason to keep coming back.
Tourists who visit help the economy, eating at restaurants and shopping in the area. But then there is also a lot of extra traffic.
So for the people who live in North Adams is this a blessing or a curse?
Another question to you is what do you like about North Adams being a tourist hot spot now? what do you not like?

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