Coyotes roaming around in Massachusetts is nothing new. At times when I would visit my girlfriend (now wife), Amber at her home in Florida (not the state but the town in Berkshire County), we would have summer bonfires from time to time. During some of those gatherings, off in the distance, we would hear howling. We assumed it was coyotes or some type of wild dog.

I remember about 10 years ago, I looked out the window into the backfield here at the radio station and I saw an animal that resembled a coyote prancing around. As I said, coyotes are pretty common not only in Berkshire County but in Massachusetts in general. However, it looks like we're getting a lot more coyotes in the Bay State and they are here to stay.

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Massachusetts Residents are Going to Have to Get Used to Coyotes Neighboring Up with Us

According to a recent article from WWLP, Massachusetts is seeing an explosion of coyote activity (about 12,000 in MA) and they are here to stay. The important thing for pet owners is to make sure their pets, specifically dogs, are as far away from coyotes as possible. If you come across a coyote, the best thing to do is stand tall, remain aggressive and wave your arms and it is likely the coyote will take off in the opposite direction.

Massachusetts Folks Need to Make Some Kind of Deal with the Coyotes

Maybe we can come up with some type of deal with the coyotes so we can coexist peacefully. Until that happens, just be cautious and avoid areas that are prone to coyote activity including forests and mountains, particularly during non-daytime hours.

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