As I mentioned in a previous article regarding the closure of a Ninety-Nine restaurant location in Massachusetts, I haven't been dining out in Berkshire County (or anywhere for that matter) as of late due to trying to save on money. In addition, when I do get dinner from an eatery I have been opting for delivery or takeout due to convenience and safety. It seems like everywhere you look lately many people are getting nailed with some kind of sickness.

A Massachusetts Born Restaurant Has Closed Several Locations in the Bay State

For Massachusetts residents who enjoy Italian food, particularly Bertucci's I have some bad news to deliver to you. According to various websites and news sources, the Massachusetts-born restaurant has closed multiple locations throughout the Bay State mainly near the Boston area. The closures are due to the company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this week. The combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and a decrease in sales is what put the ax to the locations.

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Which Massachusetts Locations are Now Closed? 

The Massachusetts locations Bertucci's has closed include Beverly, Brockton, Canton, Marlborough, and North Attleborough. On the plus side, there are still 20 locations of the Italian restaurant that are open in the Bay State. You can view those locations by going here.

For Berkshire County residents, this won't be much of an impact as there are currently no Bertucci's restaurants located in the Berkshires but it would be nice if one day we saw one come to our county. Wouldn't you agree?

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