Paranormal enthusiasts, pay heed: A trio of haunted houses await you throughout the Bay State. One of them is located right here in our backyard as a famous place for lodging attracts worldwide visitors, but there is one room you should avoid. Let me explain further:

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The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge makes The Most Haunted Hotels list.  Historic Hotels In America, reports there have been "ghostly" rumors that apparitions and spirits swirl around the 250 year old property which has been visited by many paranormal investigators as their goal is to connect with guests from centuries past. Mediums have also confirmed the fourth floor in particular has been said to have the most paranormal activity and beware of Guest room #301 which has been designated as a haunted hot spot. Three words: "Check in, if you dare!"

Courtesy Frank C. Grace/Trig Photograph
Courtesy Frank C. Grace/Trig Photograph


Next on the list: A famous tourist spot that is located in Fall River. Courageous paranormal enthusiasts have spent the night at Lizzie Borden's House. Make your reservations by logging on to this web site. If you're not inclined for an overnight stay, they also offer daytime tours of this bone chilling dwelling. Everybody knows the rhyme: "Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one." To educate yourself further, try to access the 1975 TV movie "The Legend of Lizzie Borden" starring Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha from Bewitched) in the title role. It should be available on You Tube or other streaming platforms. This case remains as one of America's greatest unsolved murder mysteries.

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Finally, a 7,000 square foot mansion in Gardner attracts many curious tourists, but proceed with caution, if you dare. The S.K. Pierce Mansion in Gardner is named after a wealthy business man who thrived back in the late 1880s. Paranormal activity has been documented featuring sightings of ghosts including S.K. Pierce himself, Susan and Edward Pierce and a nanny, Mattie Cornwell. A Finnish immigrant named Eino Saari, burned to death in the master bedroom back in 1963 as a result of spontaneous combustion. There was little damage to the surrounding room.  Another eerie story: a young boy drowned in the basement as various dark entities in the basement have been designated as some of this mansion's many ghostly residents. Notable people who stayed in this "spooky" dwelling included former President Calvin Coolidge, local artist Norman Rockwell, pool hustler, Minnesota Fats, legendary actress Bette Davis and P.T. Barnum (sans his circus troupe).

BOTTOM LINE: If you plan on paying a visit to any of these so-called bone chilling Massachusetts locations, three simple words: "Proceed with caution".

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