If you recall, I wrote an article last week on the trials and tribulations of air travel delays as Bay State travelers are feeling the impact of constant delays while flying the "so-called friendly skies" as airlines continue to struggle with lack of staffing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Good news: The Massachusetts Better Business Bureau based in Boston is ready to lend a hand to those seeking a refund or proper compensation as they have some tips to guide you through this nightmarish experience.

For starters, If you are travelling domestically (within The United States) all flights are within  jurisdiction of The US Department of Transportation. It is best you purchase your ticket with a credit card which will offer additional travel protection. Keep receipts regarding extra expenses in case you need to stay overnight at a hotel or motel and chances are you'll be reimbursed.

It is rule of thumb that domestic carriers will do their best to accommodate travelers on the next available flight, even though they would be flying with a different carrier than originally planned. This practice would result in no extra charges for passengers who have been inconvenienced. If your flight is cancelled, the consumer will receive a full refund which also includes bag fees and additional leg room while airborne. Keep in mind, if you cancel the flight on your own volition, chances are you might not be entitled to the full refund of your ticket.

So what's next? Passengers should monitor any delays via the carrier's web site or if you prefer, call the airline's telephone reservation system as all flight information is posted within 30 minutes of receipt regarding a change in status. If you need to rebook, the better option is going on the carrier's web site which would yield better results as the process could slow down further while on the phone with a consumer service agent.

The main goal is to arrive safely to your impending destination, although this is not an easy task to handle due to added complications that have rampant in the past few weeks. For more information and assistance, you can log on to The Better Business bureau's web site by going here.

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