Gardens and wildlife are a good a combination as the weather gets hotter here in the Baystate. Of course we can't forget the unofficial start of Summer like getting the grill cleaned up and grass mowed for the upcoming picnic.

However, there is a certain unwelcomed species that is reportingly mimicking the smell of a cucumber that you need to watch out for not only in your yard, but in your home as well!

What species do we have to watch out for?

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What you see is a Copperhead Snake which broad, triangular heads and vertically elliptical pupils. According to, they're more populated in Norfolk and Hampden counties and are listed as an "endangered species" in Massachusetts.

Where else can copperheads be found?

Massachusetts copperheads live in and around deciduous forests and prefer moist, damp habitats as well as traprock (basalt) ledges with extensive rock slides below. Some wintering dens (hibernacula) are on the edges of swamps, reservoirs, rivers, and streams. They may also inhabit fields and meadows, wet woodlands, and quarries.

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What causes them to smell like cucumbers?

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According to Words Like Honey, the smell of cucumbers is emitted when a copperhead snake feels threatened, such as when a rambunctious child is running about its territory. Today, few of us are regularly in danger of a poisonous snake bite, but countless other dangers lurk.

If you encounter a copperhead snake, you're best bet is to keep a safe and respectful distance as they're a venomous and endangered in Massachusetts.

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