Has some ever told you that you drive like a Mass****? If so, you can either be proud of it or suffer the consequences around it. Okay let's admit it, no one's driving is ever perfect when getting around place to place. Afterall, we're all human and can make mistakes. However, there are mistakes that we should never make when driving in general throughout the Baystate and beyond.

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According to iberkshires.com and the North Adams Police Department's Facebook pages, there has been an uptick in motor vehicles passing stopped school buses during the morning and afternoon hours while students are embarking or disembarking their school bus. This can not only cost you in the long run for your driving record, but also endangers the life of students just trying to get to and from school. School buses aren't trying to make anyone late, they're just trying to get students safely to school and back.

***Traffic Safety Reminder***
The North Adams Police Department has continuously fielded complaints regarding motorists passing school busses in the morning and afternoon while students are being picked up and dropped off for school. This will not be tolerated. NAPD patrol units will be specifically assigned to traffic enforcement during school drop off and pick up hours to enforce any driving behavior that endangers our community and our students. Enforcement will be civil charges for any violator found to be engaging in this type of driving behavior. Chapter 90 Section 14, Failure of motorist to stop for a school bus, is a $255.00 fine. - North Adams Police Department Facebook Page
A police car stopping a vehicle at night.
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They also reminded Massachusetts motorists on the "Move Over" law that still exists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Additionally, we would like to remind the community that Massachusetts’ “Move Over” law still exists. If an emergency response vehicle (Police, Fire, EMS), highway maintenance, or tow recovery vehicle is on the roadway with their emergency lights activated, it is a requirement of any approaching operator to proceed with due caution and switch into a nonadjacent lane if and when practical and safe to do so.
Let’s keep these reminders in mind when operating to keep everyone safe. - North Adams Police Department Facebook Page

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