In preparation for flu season, it is time to get a flu shot so your body is protected as much as possible against the seasonal flu New Englanders are accustomed to getting year after year.  According to the GoodRX website flu season in the U.S. lasts from October to May.  According to the CDC, the month of October is when they begin to see an uptick in influenza increasing every month and peaking in February.

There were fewer cases of the flu reported last year because of the widespread use of masks protecting individuals from the pandemic.  The masks were helping to prevent the spread of both the flu and COVID-19.

North Adams announced flu vaccination clinics on the city’s Facebook page.  According to the post, North Adams has a public health nursing contract with the Berkshire Health Alliance.  According to the post “All Are Welcome” and will not have any out-of-pocket charge for the jab.

A clinic will be held tomorrow (October 20th) between 4 pm and 7 pm at St. Elizabeth Parish located at 70 Marshall Street in North Adams.  You can preregister by following this link…

The city’s post says that the vaccine is available at no charge to individuals ages 6 months and older.  Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  They are requesting that you bring an insurance card with you if you have insurance.  Short sleeve shirts or shirts with sleeves that can be easily rolled up are preferred.  There is a contact number and email address listen in the post if you need additional info or would like to start a clinic in your neighborhood.  The number is (413) 442-1521 x37, or you can contact them through email at e-mail


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