The Northern Berkshire District Court will join with Trial Courts across the Commonwealth in celebrating Mass.Trial Court Cultural Appreciation Week.

The week runs from September 23-27. This year's event will center on the theme “Being Who You Are in the World, As You Are.” Trial Court employees share food, music, art, and stories, as well as participate in activities to learn about each other’s cultures. The Trial Court will engage community stakeholders, including law enforcement partners, schools, interfaith organizations, community organizations, and arts and performing groups, as invited guests and contributors to events.

Locally, Northern Berkshire District Court will hold a public celebration on Thursday Sept. 26 from 9-11:30 A.M. at the T. William Lewis Court Complex, 111 Holden St. in North Adams. There will be speakers, music & performers that embrace our diverse community. The day concludes with a free lunch at the courthouse. Everyone's invited to come and celebrate the rich tapestry and diversity of the Trial Court employees and the community at large.

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