My father was kind of a loud guy. Like, not the clothes that he wore, but like, audibly. Seeing Sebastian Maniscalco joke about his family being very high volume and yelling a lot in one of his comedy specials is something I chuckled at and can certainly relate to.

With that said, my father was a guy, who when he saw a friend of his walking or in passing traffic, he would absolutely beep his horn and say hi. Now, like so many people, I do the same. I mean what is wrong with spreading a little positivity, so to speak, what is wrong with saying hello?

Young angry man driving his vehicle

The guy in the photo looks kind of mean, but he is supposed to being saying hi to his friend lol! There is nothing wrong with saying hello, you just can't beep to do it. Ok, let's be honest, he is really angry at the guy in front of him. Yeah.

Your vehicle's horn's purpose.

In actuality, your vehicle is equipped with a horn solely to alert others of imminent danger, and, only when your vehicle is IN motion, kind of a bummer, eh?

  • Alert another vehicle that may be about to hit you.
  • Alert a pedestrian of danger by an oncoming vehicle.
  • Alert someone else of a changing traffic signal.

Those are all legit reasons for honking your horn.

What your horn is not intended for.

  • Saying hi to a friend.
  • Expressing anger at another driver (road rage).
  • You're loving the song that is on the radio and you just can't help but blast the horn in pure joy.

But, is it ILLEGAL in Massachusetts?


No person operating a motor vehicle shall sound a bell, horn or other device, nor in any manner operate such motor vehicle so as to make a harsh, objectionable or unreasonable

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