You'll soon be able to ride the "B" at night between North Adams and Pittsfield. The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority will be adding 2 trips each weeknight starting July 1.

In a press release announcing the pilot program, the BRTA said that the Route 1 bus will leave the Intermodal Transportation Center on Columbus Ave. in Pittsfield at 6:30 P.M. coming up Route 8 and arriving at the North Adams Walmart at 7:30. It will then continue as the Route 34 bus to MCLA on Ashland St., arriving on Main St. at 7:45.

A second run along the same route will leave Pittsfield's ITC at 9 P.M., arrive at Walmart at about 9:50 and downtown at 10:05.

The Route 1 bus from North Adams to Pittsfield will leave Walmart on Curran Highway weeknights at 8 P.M. and arrive at the ITC at 9 P.M. A second bus will leave Walmart at 10:20 P.M. and arrive on Plastics Avenue in Pittsfield at 11:00.

The BRTA also announced evening service running between Pittsfield and Great Barrington.

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