I know, I know, Berkshire County. The above headline definitely sounds "clickbaity", but, trust me, it's not. There's a popular online hack regarding avocados that could make you sick and YES, potentially kill you.

If you're an avocado fan(and I know many are), you may have searched online at some point looking for tips on how to help avocados stay fresher for much longer. Just be careful concerning certain information.

The real unfortunate thing is that this sounds like a pretty cool hack until you find out how dangerous and unsafe it is. Newsweek reports a holistic Tik Tok user recently shared a trick to keep un-cut avocados fresh for a longer duration.

Her trick? Simply submerge the avocados in a water bottle and then store them in the refrigerator. According to the Tik Tok user, this will keep the avocados fresh and green for up to a month.

She even posts a video showing her cutting open an avocado after two weeks and it looks to be pretty fresh. So, "what's the problem?" you ask. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the problem is that this "hack" could lead the avocado to harbor some pretty harmful bacteria.

According to Newsweek, the FDA says, "Don't do it." The avocados could end up being FILLED with dangerous bacteria. Almost 1 in 5 avocados have listeria on the outside while some even have salmonella.

The bacteria, when submerged in water, can multiply and basically spread a lot quicker. And to make for an even worse double whammy, the bacteria can even penetrate the skin of the avocado, getting into the part that you actually eat. So even if you triple wash the outside of the avocado, that won't be enough to keep you safe.

Even normally healthy people, under the right(wrong?) conditions can become sick and potentially die if contaminated by listeria or salmonella. Just a word of warning, folks. Be Careful. For more on the story, check out Newsweek's website here.

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